A man creating a buzz for himself, Chris Gabriel is one to watch. In the words of Jurassic 5 founding member, Akil the MC, Chris ‘killed’ a set at Birmingham’s Flyover show and has also in the last few months opened up for hip hop legends Homeboy Sandman and Edan at the Jazz Cafe Camden in front of a sold-out crowd. He has also performed tracks onstage accompanied by rapper and UK Jazz aficionado Soweto Kinch and been a featured performer at music nights in Los Angeles, California. Mixing a uniqueness of gritty, soulful and smooth trap while also being a proponent of old school smoothness, Chris is self-described as a lover of good music, good times and good shepherd’s pie.
A little on the new disCours EP as a whole
Watch Chris Gabriel come together with producer and artist friends to bring vibes, poetry, rap, and soul in the form of a new EP entitled dis/Cours.

His past ep’s have had a unique flavor to it, the first was highly influenced by lyrical old school and new, artists such as Nas, Little Simz and Kendrick, the second had more soulful and neo-soul influences, This one has more 808’s, trap, drill, and DJ mustard style production on it.
It is an ep centered around the topic of conversations. From Cali (commentaries of Cali living for the grassroots and common people) to Parlez (relationship conversations between a guy and a girl who he’s feeling) to Simz and Like that (mainly stories and commentaries of London living from the eyes of the youth and block dwellers) and Sweet (a conversational track through the eyes of a young man living in and walking through the streets of a vibrant West London).
The EP is all about conversations, from a fly on the wall commentaries to romantic relationships and cultural narrations. In this project, Chris aims to tell the story of the common people, from those in the estates to those going about their daily in the streets of West London and Los Angeles, all written and shared from Chris’ own experiences and dialogue. The aim is to create

Additional key performances: 
Performing a 40 minute set at Old St Records with Third Estate (a group of hip hop instrumentalists), and at an event named Music of the Soul (cementing myself amongst my peers in West London)